Shaoxing Global Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019, China

Shaoxing Global Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019, China

Navigem Data awarded in the 4th Shaoxing Global Digital Economy Startup Contest of Shaoxing China 2019

Shaoxing municipal committee of the communist party China & Shaoxing municipal people’s government organized the 1st China Global Entrepreneurship competition in the month of October 2019. The theme of the competition was gathering innovation, counting the future & global recruitment projects covering high-end software, Iot, Big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, new components and materials, Aiming to open up overseas competitions and national competitions.

A total of 8 overseas projects participated in the road show. The competition was launched in July 2019, after five sub-station competitions including Shenzhen division, shanghai division, Chengdu division, Spain division, and silicon valley division, 50 projects were selected to enter the semi-finals, and the top 15 teams were confirmed to participate in the finals.

Among the 14 finalists, Navigem was awarded fourth under the “most potential company” category of awards & is in talks with Shaoxing Municipal Corporation to introduce & integrate the intelligent data smart governance platform for the urban space & enterprises driven by Big Data & Artificial Intelligence.

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