The open source Hadoop integrated data management platform comprising the comprehensive multi-node cluster, the ecosystem consisting of Sqoop, Flume, MySql, HDFS, Zookeeper and the paraphernalia lends unmatched high performance parallel processing capability to procure, process, store and visualize structured, semi-structured and unstructured feeds.

Salient Features

  • Open source framework
  • Ingest, amalgamate, process, organize, enrich, extract multiple data forms & structures
  • Fault tolerance, distributed storage system & parallel processing
  • Name node – data node configuration – for easy monitoring of the health of the servers
  • Flexible replication factor
  • Dynamic fault detection & automatic recovery
  • Reduced network I/O
  • High throughput
  • Stand alone & NavBridge™ compatible
  • Green field & Brown field applicability
  • Available as PaaS & on premise deployment
  • Stable, Scalable, Economical, Versatile, Effective, Efficient


  • High fault tolerance & recovery
  • Minimal data motion – moves the processes to data and not vice versa; High network bandwidth
  • Big Data pivot; Optimal Data management
  • Enables redundancy & high availability
  • Minimal technical resource requirement
  • Reconfiguration & redeployment of commodity hardware
  • Cost effective scalability & capacity enhancement
  • Myriad downstream applications – Data lake, analytics, warehousing and such