Info Migration

A typical migration activity results from any of these following changes to a business:
  • Business re-engineering
  • Acquisitions or mergers
  • Divestitures
  • Business decision to implement ERP solutions
  • Introduction of new business processes

Info Migration not only involves moving an enterprise’s data, it is also an opportunity for data assessment and improving Data Quality.

Navigem’s Info Migration solutions and methodologies and solutions have resulted from extensive learnings from the industry; they represent the best practices from the industry. Improved data quality guarantees overall results in increased revenues, effective business decisions and higher customer satisfaction.

Our team works closely with the organizations to effectively and efficiently manage the migration process—data assessment, data profiling, data validation, data mapping, etc.— to ensure that only quality data gets migrated. Our solution is customizable and can effectively deliver the total solution with reporting metrics at every stage.

Key Benefits Of Our Info Migration Solutions
  • Lowers the implementation risk and saves productive time with the help of data experts and proven user-friendly migration tools
  • Provides the learning environment to internal resources, enabling them to be experts on tools
  • Ensures excellent Data Quality, keeping Data Governance in place
  • Provides real-time accurate reports at any stage of the Info Migration process and maintains the internal resources focus on their routine tasks.