Data discovery through multiple data sources – siloed, blogs, streaming, logs and such are obtained based on pre-defined configurations; reliable, correct, fast, agile and scalable.


The Structured feed extraction capability evolved in close consultation with the industry; source-neutral & customizable; harbingers the Passive Data Governance processes as an essential component of the Data Management solution…


The next generation social media analytics capability, entails quantifying the intangible sentiments involving disparate feeds; structuring the Unstructured-Big Data, with built-in, user-friendly graphic-dashboard interface.


The open source Hadoop-integrated data management platform comprising the comprehensive multi-node cluster, the ecosystem consisting of Sqoop, Flume, MySql, HDFS, Zookeeper…


The custom built end-to-end B2C mobile application provides with a citizen-as-a-sensor platform with a multitude of Urban services together with real-time insights, Geo-tagging and Cartographic User Interface.