When do they come into play?

  • Decision Support Systems for Data-Smart Governance – Smart City, Institutions & Organizations
  • Evolution of reliable Analytics – Descriptive, Prescriptive, Predictive
  • Business Engineering – M & A, Divestitures
  • Leveraging the digitally connected world
  • Passive Data Governance


Data discovery through multiple data sources – siloed, blogs, streaming, logs and such are obtained based on pre-defined configurations; reliable, correct, fast, agile and scalable


Combine, collate, summarize & normalize Data originating from multifarious sources, of multitude of forms and sizes thus effectively eliminating redundancy resulting


“Data Quality delayed is Quality Data denied” Ingested data is separated, segregated and processed to attain a level of consistency, completeness & precision


Quality Data of impeccable integrity is reinvented and energized transforming into easy-to-interpret graphical epithets despite the disparate sources and forms