The custom built end-to-end B2C mobile application provides with a citizen-as-a-sensor platform with a multitude of Urban services together with real-time insights, Geo-tagging and Cartographic User Interface pertaining to a plethora of Urban stresses

Salient Features

  • City & stress specific configuration
  • Self-explanatory workflow
  • Real-time updates on the Cartographic depiction
  • Dedicated portal with nascent Analytics
  • Confluence of IoT, Cloud technologies and Mobility enablement
  • Geo-tagged pictorial & textual reporting
  • User anonymization
  • Geography independent & Service agnostic
  • Unicode compliant hence language unaffiliated
  • Stand alone & NavSustain™ compatible
  • Intuitive user friendly Graphical & Cartographic Interface
  • Fast, Precise, Scalable, Simple, Versatile, Effective, Efficient


  • Data Democratization platform– citizens ingest, utilize, monitor, audit the status of their city in terms of stresses and effectivity of mitigatory strategies in real time
  • Dynamic Updation & broadcast of the fixes across the city through a custom portal with interactive analytics – pragmatic status quo
  • Data Philanthropy, Sustainability & Digital humanitarianism in action
  • Builds Social capital & Community engagement
  • Pattern analysis & Report generation facilitation
  • Ushers in Transparency, Accountability, Efficiency, Optimal resource utilization
  • Transforms citizens from Passive service recipients to Active partners in urban upkeep