A discrete component to help enrich enterprise data; a dynamic custom-data-application builder based on workflows and business-specific content.

Salient Features

  • Front-end-integrated custom Data creation/management module
  • Business-friendly interface requiring no prior SQL knowledge
  • Dynamic assignment of table attributes
  • Data – insert, append, import and export (in .xls)
  • User-defined, configurable “View” Creation/population
  • Interoperability (SQL, ORACLE, DB2…..)
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Stand-alone & NavToolSet™ compatible
  • Low resource requirement
  • Intuitive user-friendly Graphical Interface
  • Fast, Precise ,Simple, Versatile, Effective, Efficient


  • Mergers & Acquisitions-Intelligent Business-Defined “View” Construction
  • Big Data compliant; Optimal Data management
  • Passive Data governance, Data Auditing, Validation, Synchronization and Updating
  • Custom Data made available for optimal downstream utilization
  • Report generation facilitation
  • Improve Infrastructure Efficiency