Big Data Solutions

As the Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, Value and Visualization of the data increase, organizations are increasingly turning towards Big Data primitives to Capture, Process, Store and Visualize to harness this data to create new insights and ensuing business value.

Navigem’s Big Data practice addresses volume as well as variety / complexity in data which fall broadly into three main categories,

  • Streaming Data
  • Structured Data
  • Unstructured Data

Navigem’s Big Data prowess applicable across spaces is represented by the ensuing triad –

  • Social Analytics
  • Sandbox-NavPlay™
  • NavBridge™

Social Analytics capability, the new frontier in CRM, is ably addressed by NavParse™ with it’s feedback and pre-emptive/predictive approach, translating the intangible sentiments into palpable and actionable visualizations.

Navigem’s home-grown Hadoop practice comprising the comprehensive Multi-Node cluster—the ecosystem consisting of Sqoop, Flume, MySql, HDFS, Zookeeper and the paraphernalia, lends unmatched high-performance parallel-processing capability to procure, process, store and visualize structured, semi-structured and unstructured feeds.

NavBridge™, the necessary construct to connect ERP data to the Big Data beyond the contours of the organization, seeks to add a hitherto unexplored dimension to the decision-making paradigm by providing such knowledge which, while external to the said organization provides strategic, critical inputs that add business value.

Navigem’s Big Data practice is built around the core DELTTA principles

  • D – Data
  • E – Enterprise
  • L – Leadership
  • T – Technology
  • T – Targets
  • A – Analysts

Our Big Data solution is a hybrid model where the existing technology/analytics needn’t be disbanded, but instead promotes a co-existence strategy that combines the best of legacy data warehouse and analytics environment to be supplemented by external data analytics.