The next-generation social media analytics capability, entails quantifying intangible sentiments involving disparate feeds; structuring Unstructured Big Data, with built-in, user-friendly graphic-dashboard interface; eradicates temporal redundancy; facilitates dynamic course correction based on actionable inputs.

Salient Features

  • Interoperability (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • User-defined “Key Word” qualified competitive analytics
  • Customizable, points-attributable glossary for enhanced precision
  • Temporal real-time monitor to measure, analyze, evaluate & report
  • Reports exportable in popular formats (xls, .csv, PDF)
  • Cost-effective installation & flexible deployment scalability
  • Stand-Alone & NavToolSet™ Compatible
  • Low resource requirement
  • Minimal user training
  • Fast, precise, simple, versatile, effective, efficient


  • Brand/product-specific trend & relative standing analysis
  • Optimal demographic, geographic, temporal, personalized, targeted campaigning
  • Determines primary influencers for enhanced customized information dissemination
  • Enables proactive, pre-emptive service customization through trend analysis
  • Efficient CRM through pro-active interventions
  • Evolution of reliable predictive insights