The homegrown reporting tool entails Data Analysis with built-in dashboard-Graphical Interface; improved information control and minimal IT requirement.

Salient Features

  • Reports exportable in popular formats (PDF, .csv, Excel)
  • Scheduling (once/hourly/daily) and e-mailing reports
  • Background processing for efficient resource management
  • Jobs dashboard for enhanced User Interface
  • Typified graph (bar, pie, column) for enhanced visibility
  • Business-defined precise visibility (Views, Stored Procedures, Tables)
  • Report security: Administrator-authorized user privileges
  • Intuitive, user-friendly Graphical Interface
  • Low resource requirement


  • Rapid time to value
  • Enhanced visibility leading to informed decision-making capabilities
  • Background processing for efficient resource management
  • Real-timer reporting lends dynamicity
  • NavToolSet™ compatible
  • Minimal user training